Scientology, Britain’s police and politicians

In light of the recent episodes regarding Scientology and the police, I decided to see what stories were around relating to Scientology’s influence in Britain. I came across a number of stories:

  • Apparently, the Labour party have been given thousands of pounds from the Church of Scientology and allowed a Scientology-backed stall at one of their conferences. From the link:

    They allowed the charity, the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE), to take a stall at the party’s annual conference in Manchester.

    Exhibitors at the conference have to pay up to £13,500. The stand was part of an extensive lobbying operation by Scientology members to promote its drug treatment programme, Narconon, and the criminal rehabilitation scheme Criminon.

    Correspondence obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the Evening Standard reveals how Graeme Wilson of the Church of Scientology met Baroness Scotland – then a Home Office minister – in Manchester in September.

    Baroness Scotland was later invited to attend the opening of the Scientology’s new base in London and was handed information about Narconon.

  • The Church of Scientology has spent thousands of pounds on gifts for members of the City of London Police:

    The Church of Scientology appears to be involved in an effort to woo officers from the City of London police – an unlikely partnership perhaps, but one that seems to be blossoming. Details of how more than 20 officers, from constables to chief superintendents, have been invited to a series of engagements by the scientologists over the last 15 months have been revealed by a freedom of information inquiry by the Guardian.

    The hospitality included guest invitations in May for two constables and a sergeant to attend the premiere of Mission Impossible 3 in Leicester Square, where they were able to rub shoulders with the best known Scientologist of all and the star of the film, Tom Cruise.

    The Guardian requested details of meetings between police and scientologists after a senior officer from the City appeared as a guest speaker at the opening of the £23m Scientology centre near St Paul’s Cathedral last month.

    At the lavish ceremony, Chief Superintendent Kevin Hurley, the fourth most senior officer in the force, praised the scientologists for the support they had provided after the July 7 attacks, when followers of L Ron Hubbard’s movement appeared at the police cordons of the Aldgate bomb site offering help to those involved in the emergency operation. The relationship flourished in the following months, according to the City police’s register of hospitality, which all officers are required to fill out.

  • The Metropolitan Police have given the Church access to data on security alerts.
  • The police have also used Scientology leaflets in anti-drugs drives in Britain’s schools:

    In total 1m booklets are distributed each year. They label alcohol and antidepressants as “poison” and say that oxycodone, a prescription painkiller, is “as powerful as heroin”.

    A booklet on heroin says methadone, the drug used by the NHS to treat heroin addicts, is as dangerous as the class A drug and should not be prescribed.

    Martin Barnes, of DrugScope, the drugs information charity, said: “These booklets fall short and should not be allowed in schools.”

    Met officers have attended meetings in London and West Sussex hosted by the church, aimed at forging links with “community leaders”. They were briefed about the Say No to Drugs campaign and given information packs – although Scotland Yard said working with the church should not be seen as an endorsement.

Clearly the Church of Scientology are gaining some influence in Britain.

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  1. gargy Says:

    The scientologists believe it is their duty to “convert” the entire world to their beliefs. They are busy “clearing the planet.” And they do NOT like dissension, criticism or to be told ‘no’. Be afraid. Be very afraid. They will not stop.Look for the next protest of the CULT of scientology: June 14, 2008.

  2. Fredric Says:

    Scientology’s “NarCONon” fraud is fraud. Not only doesn’t it work, it maims and somme times kills people. What’s worse is that the crime syndicate diverts people away from actual real treatment that works.Details at

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