NO2ID Video: Take Jane

This video highlights one of the problems that the National Identity Scheme(NIS) is likely to make worse.

Whilst the above scenario could happen (I think it is quite likely to happen), the following have happened and involve similar problems with existing government databases:

Many other examples can be found via this Magna Carta Plus article.

The NIS will make these problems worse by requiring people to register changes of address (on pain of penalties upto £1000), by storing data in one central database accessed by all public bodies and by facilitating the cross-linking and sharing of data by those public bodies.

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  1. Anoneumouse Says:

    Hi there, are you back for good this time. I have missed your cogent and enlightening posts. If so I will add you to my blog role again

  2. James Says:

    I am hoping to post here less erratically and with more output than I’ve managed in the previous 3 years (30, 11 and 23 articles for ’06, ’07 and ’08 respectively) . I’ll be aiming for an article per week on average (or better). Part of the problem is that I prioritise Magna Carta Plus News (which gets a much higher readership) for civil liberties posts (though occasionally I will post stuff here too) and I’ve been wondering what to blog about here instead. For the moment, alongside the civil liberties stuff, I’m trying get my head around the “credit crunch” and how it happened and I intend to blog about that (the book review below is a start) because I’m worried about the repercussions.Another part of the problem is lack of time to blog about everything I’d like to blog about. However I’ve managed to free up a bit more time recently (e.g. I got time to read the Trillion Dollar Meltdown and then blog about it) and I hope to do more here as a result.Sorry I can’t make any more solid promise than that.

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