Climategate: Prof Jones temporarily steps down until completion of investigation

The Telegraph reports:

Prof Jones, director of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), has said he ”absolutely” stands by the science produced by the centre – and that suggestions of a conspiracy to alter evidence to support a theory of man-made global warming were ”complete rubbish”.

He said he would stand aside as director until the completion of the independent review, which is being conducted in the wake of the allegations by climate ”sceptics”.

3 Responses to “Climategate: Prof Jones temporarily steps down until completion of investigation”

  1. Dale H Ah Says:

    The peer review process broke down completely. and Professor Jones was responsible for this. He should lose his Ph.D. because he violated the basic tennants of peer review, abused statistical methods, eliminated data, denigrated other scientists who didn’t agree with his positions, and sponsored erroneous views that could cost humanity dearly if adopted by Copenhagen. In Academia this is called de-frocking, sometimes it is referred to as decanonization. In any case, his Ph.D should be recinded.

  2. Do the leaked emails show that Phil Jones and others corrupted the peer review process? « James Hammerton's Blog Says:

    […] the CRU’s Phil Jones and others mentioned in the emails such as Michael Mann, is that they corrupted the peer review process. Below I consider several of the emails mentioned in this […]

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