New home for this blog.

As indicated here, this is the new home for my blog. I intend to exploit certain features, such as “pages”, that don’t exist on blogger, hence the move.  The old blog site will continue to exist at least for now, but it won’t be updated with new posts.

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Blog topics

I’m currently adding labels to old posts produced before labels were added to

The result so far is an increased list of topics in the “Topics” side bar (this used to be labelled “Labels”), plus an increased number of articles indexed by the labels. My aim is to get rid of the (renamed) “Google Searches” side bar that I used a substitute for labels. I won’t necessarily catch all articles, but hopefully it will make it easier for readers to look up the material that interests them in this blog.

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New look

I’ve chosen a new look for the blog, in order to take advantage of some new features in Blogger. Unfortunately choosing a new template has meant losing some of the things from the old template, although only until I get round to pasting them in from my backup copy of that template.

However, one of the things I’d like to do is switch to using Blogger’s own commenting system rather than the Haloscan provided comments I used to use, which predated Blogger’s comments and were the only means of providing for comments that I originally had. I think this will probably mean losing the Haloscan comments however, but then there were only a few comments contained there. If anyone reading this can indicate a way of getting Blogger to display the old comments only in old articles and new comments only in new articles, I’d be most interested.

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Magna Carta Plus News

For some years now I’ve been contributing to the Magna Carta Plus website(MCP), and recently I’ve been in charge of its news service, which has now been revamped as a weblog.

MCP is a civil liberties website and its news service aims to cover developments in civil liberties across the world, albeit with a UK bias. My efforts on civil liberties will focus mainly on the news ‘blog there and in contributing further articles to MCP.

This blog will remain in operation, however its focus will move away from civil liberties into other areas of politics.

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